Nurse Practitioner Resume Guide

Goal: A Clean and Easy to Read Resume

These two sheets of paper represent who you are and why you are an asset to your desired company. After spending years of intensive study obtaining your MSN, it is in your best interest to prepare a clean and easy to read resume.

Contact Information

Where do you live?

There is no need to include your full address at the top of your resume anymore. Simply include your city and state.

What’s your email?

Go ahead and create a customized professional email including your credentials like the following:
Click Here to Create a Personalized Gmail Account

What’s your phone number?

Only include one phone number, where you are most accessible. Most of the time this will be your cell phone number.

Important Information

Think like an employer. Summarize the most important information at the very top of your resume. Look at the objective in the following resume:

Experienced level IV neonatal nurse seeking a position as a pediatric nurse practitioner in a family centered environment with opportunity for continual professional growth.

Make your main areas of experience accessible and easy to read.

5 Years Neonatal ICU Experience
2 Years Continuing Care Experience
1 Year Cardiac OR Circulation

Professional Experience

Reverse Chronological Order

Start with the most recent professional experience, applicable to the position you are applying for. In this case, the recent Clinical Experience as a Nurse Practitioner is more applicable than the present experience as a Registered Nurse.

Quantify Your Job Descriptions

What is your current patient load? 1:1, 1:2, 1:6, etc. How do you stand out in your current job and can you put it into a number?

Working as an elite group of fewer than 400 hospitals around the world acknowledged as centers for nursing excellence with the Magnet hospital recognition.

Using the most advanced wireless fetal monitoring and patient telemetry equipment available to closely monitor babies ranging from 1:1, 1:2, or 1:3.


Continue listing your education in reverse chronological order with the most recent education first. You can choose to only list the year of graduation or include the start-end.

2002 Bachelor of Science in Biology
1998-2002 Bachelor of Science in Biology


As a Nurse Practitioner, it is important to list your current health care related certifications. The majority of positions you are applying for require BLS for Health Care Providers through the American Heart Association.

If you are a recent grad and have your Pediatric Nurse Practitioner certification pending, it is appropriate to list it on your resume. Make sure to note when the certification is pending. 

Clean and Easy to Read Resume

When selecting the formatting for your resume, keep it simple and safe. Make sure the text is evenly spread throughout the page.

If you would like to use the formatting from the resume I included here, e-mail our Marketing Director, Elizabeth West at