New Assignment Onboarding

  • If you have not already, you must complete the full Employment Application.  Being thorough upfront saves lots of time later!

    Go to Alliant’s Application Page and complete the form.  Be sure to read all instructions along the way.

  • This paperwork helps us get you all set up with us as a new employee and of course to get paid!

    Go to New Hire Paperwork  and complete the online form.

    *There will most likely be a few documents that are specific to the state or client that you will be working with, so we will send you those later.

  • To expedite your onboarding process for your new assignment, send copies that you have available of any of the list of documents below to your Onboarding Specialist or to  with your name in the subject line.

    • Driver’s License (Front and Back)
    • CPR Card (Front and Back)
    • Hard Copies of state License or Certification for your Profession
    • Physical Exam from within 1 Year
    • TB – Skin TB test, TSpot, TB Quantiferon or Chest Xray results if applicable
    • Mask Fit Test Records
    • Shot Records or Titers
      • MMR
      • Varicella
      • Tdap
      • Hep B 
      • Flu Shot (If working between 10/1 – 3/31)

    *Be sure all documents show all four corners of each page, only one page per picture, and are 100% clear/legible.

    **We highly recommend downloading a Scanner App on your smart phone such as TinyScanner or similar Smart Phone App.  If necessary, you can send photos from your phone via email to the email above.



  • For  a successful start to your assignment, follow the basic recommendations below.

    • Contact your Alliant contact for your first-day instructions 3 business days before your first shift.
    • If traveling, plan to arrive at least 24-48 hours prior to your first shift to avoid weather or other delays.
    • Plan for the unexpected and assume there will be some bumps in the road.
    • Map out the location of the facility and plan for where you will park
    • Arrive to the facility 30 minutes early your first shift begins.  Being on time is key!
    • Be sure you have information as to:
      • Where to report
      • Where to park
      • What time to arrive
      • Where to report
      • Who to ask for
      • What to wear
      • Any additional items or documents/certifications to bring along

Certified by the Joint Commission.